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    EPOXY GROUT is a state of GROUTING material of highest quality that provides aesthetic effect and durability. It perfectly prevents stains, spillage, chemical attack in filled groove thicknesses of tiles, stones.EPOXY GROUT is thixotropic two part epoxy based formulation having excellent resistance to wear and European choice special sheen affect which makes it a darling choice of consultant fraternity.Part A consists of a mixture of epoxy resin, siliceous aggregates and additives.Part B consists of mixture of organic catalysts.The advantage of two part epoxy grout system of EPOXY GROUT is its high user friendliness i.e. the filling of this GEL filler in the grout is easier than all the distantly following equivalent products. It has a matt finish with an ingredient that provides crystalline sheen affect with ease of clean ability.It is suited for residential and commercial installations including those with total hygiene control, damp and wet environments.
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    WHITE CEMENT BASED PUTTY FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIORS :D FIX Master Wall Putty is a white cement-based fine powder. It serves as filler/ leveller for walls and ceilings. It provides a waterproof surface with excellent smoothness, good adhesion, good breathing properties, and seals porosity for uniform deposition of finished paint and enhances durability. It is a water resistant white cement based putty ideal for use on concrete/mortar walls (internal and external) and ceilings. It fills the fine pores of mortar/concrete walls and ceilings and provides a white, smooth and dry surface, essential for painting. It helps you combine the suave look with beauty for interiors and exteriors. No need to apply any kind of primer on it before application of paint or distemper. It prevents the growth of algae and fungi on walls.prime putty can be applied even on moist surface (internal/external). It has more adhesive strength, durability and enhances the life of paints. Being white cement based, does not require water curing.
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  3. CRACK & FIX

    CRACK FIX is a room temperature curing epoxy system suitable for concrete primer, epoxy Injection grouts, epoxy mortars, repairing compound and as binder between old and new concrete. Low mix viscosity of system permits high filler loading and exhibit outstandingmechanical and chemical resistance properties. It is a multipurpose system for various civil Applications.
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    SUN COOL TERRACE COAT is composed of high quality acrylic polymer, light fast & weather durable pigments, properly selected & graded fine fillers, additives & biocides. It is used as a waterproofing & protective coating for exterior walls of the buildings.
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    Multipurpose cleaner for cp fitting & sanitary wares removes hard scaling which develops due to hardness of water Removes stubborn water stain marks & lime scale with ease based on surfactant to protect your chrome plated taps.
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  6. Delastic PU

    Delastic PU is a two component high performance polyurethane ceramic tile and stone adhesive for laying ceramic coverings and natural stones on difficult and also vibrating substrates like metal, PVC and boards coated with plastic materials. It is a solvent less system which makes it ecofriendly . For interior and exterior use.
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  7. Multipurpose LW

    MULTIPURPOSE LW 222 is an integral waterproofing admixture for concrete and mortar which chemically converts the water soluble compounds persent into concrete into stable water insoluble compound .Â
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    TWO-COMPONENT, HIGH -PERFORMANCE, POLYURETHANE ADHESIVEFOR CERAMIC TILES AND STONE MATERIAL Delastic - T is two-component solvent and water free adhesiveswhich are Flexible and waterproof. They are made up of a polyurethane base (component A) and a special hardener (component B). Delastic - T is an improved (2) reaction resin adhesive (R) and slip resistant (T) classified as R2T.
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    PREMIUM SBR 111 Latex is based on styrene butadiene latex. it is a ready to use bonding agent in liquid consistency. Sbr latex is used for repair of floors columns chhajjas slabs beams and water proofing of terraces ,toilets bathrooms etc, as it bonds strongly to old and new concrete and plasters it Prevents Cracking pick up dust improves abrasion resistance and reduces shrinkage .
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  10. Wall & Floor Adhesive

    Improved Performance Cementitious Adhesive For Any kind of Tiles.GOLD 2000 is a no slip, high adhesion quartz adhesive. It can be applied upto 10 mm bed thickness. High dispersion copolymers hydraulic binders composed of only cement clinker in GOLD 2000 provides rheological mixture for a prolonged stability. It serves purpose of high resistance laying on flooring and wall of ceramic and homogeneous tiles and glass mosaic on cement based substrates.
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  11. PRO COAT 2K PU

    Polyurethane coating is a tough protective paint applied on exterior and interior structures that are exposed to extreme weather such as scorching heat, gusty winds and pouring rain. Polyurethane coating is highly resistant to such extreme weather conditions and it provides excellent durability combined with good aesthetics. It should be applied for long - term protection of the substrate where significantly lower maintenance is required. Procoat a two - component acrylic polyol and aliphatic isocynate based polyurethane coating designed to protect the base waterproof layer as well as decorate the substrate.
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  12. Tile Adhesive

    GP 1000 is a rigid set, high quality cement-based adhesive suitable for most types of vitrifiled,ceramic, wall and floor tiles including natural of regular size. D GP 1000 is also suitable for renovation of interior floor and walls.FEATURES & BENEFITS :High strength bondNo odourEconomicalWater cleanableNon toxicEasy to spreadInterior use for wall and floorthick & thin bed application
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  13. Glass Mosaic Tile Adhesive

    GLASS MOSAIC ADHESIVE FOR INTERIOR & EXTERIORS :D MAGIC is a single component white adhesive. That is functional for high resistance laying of ceramictiles, glass mosaics and homogeneous tiles. The tacking polymers deformability (superior speradability) andfine finishing of the material affixed.Areas of Application : Facades, heat-radiant slabs, flooring and walls, indoor/outdoor use, in civil, industrial and commercial applications and for street furniture, in areas which are humid and subject to thermal shock and freezing. Floors and walls, for internal and external use Laying of ceramic and homogeneous tiles of all types, glass mosaic, stable marble and natural stone on flooring and walls, on cement-based deformable and non-absorbent substrates and heated subfloors. Suitable for homogeneous tiles, ceramics, large formats, low thickness slabs and stable natural stone Thicknesses up to 15 mm.
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  14. Cemento Polymer Grout

    Cemento Polymer Grout is a single part high degree of hardness, calibrated and smooth finish that is suitable for high resistance grouting from 1 mm to 12 mm on all horizontal and vertical surfaces with complete range of tiles and stone.
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    333 Block Adhesive is a versatile thin jointing material for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc.The product is specially designed to provide higher bonding as a result of higher tensile adhesion strength. AAC Block Adhesiveis pre-mixed, easy to apply high quality mortar comprising of cement, graded sand and admixtures. AAC Block Adhesivereplaces conventional jointing mortar of 12-18 mm thickness with highly versatile 3-5 mm thickness. D 333 BLOCK ADHESIVE AAC Block Adhesive helps to speed up the build process and achieve the required insulation performance of AAC Blocks for the buildings. AAC Block Adhesive (Thin joint masonry) is a fast, clean, accurate system for construction using autoclaved aerated concrete blocks of close dimensional tolerance with 2mm - 3mm mortar joints.
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  16. Grout Admixture

    SYNTHETIC POLYMER EMULSION BASED ADDITIVE FORA synthetic polymer emulsions for use with D fix cement based grouts. Suitable for use in interior and exterior locations in both dry and wet service conditions. D GROUT ADMIXTURE is a polymer additive for dufill cement-based grouts. Not for use with adhesives. This admixture is manufactured under an approved quality assurance system conforming as per BS EN ISO 9002
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