Product Description
SUN COOL TERRACE COAT is composed of high quality acrylic polymer, light fast & weather durable pigments, properly selected & graded fine fillers, additives & biocides. It is used as a waterproofing & protective coating for exterior walls of the buildings.
AREAS OF APPLICATION :- All types of exterior masonry surface, concrete, cement sand renderings, etc.- Applicable on china chipes tile also.
FEATURES AND BENEFITS :- Waterproofing : Higher film thickness provides crack bridge ability, waterproofing properties.- Flexibility : Flexible and covers hairline cracks (uoto 0.5 mm) effectively, thus prevents ingress of water.- Toughness : Tough film withstands wind driven rain.- Microbial resistance : Resistance to fungus and algae hence maintains the aesthenic value.- UV resistant : Resistance to UV hence coating has longer life.- Low dirt pick up : Very low dirt pick up & can be cleaned easily hence maintains the aesthetics.- Ease of application : User friendly, easily applicable by brush, roller or spray.

Uncoated roof :
- Sun rays heats up to building.- Uncoated roof absorbs the heat & transmits into the building.- The roof temperature can rise about 8 to 20 D duringpeak summer.- The internal room temperature raises resulting indistress & higher air - conditioning cost.
Coated roof :
- Reflects 90% of infrared rays back.- Protects the building from getting hot even duringpeak summer.- No heat enters the building, resulting in cooler rooms& less air - conditioning cost.- Protects the building from ageing fiber reinforced waterproofing energy saving of up to 30%- Your roof looks bright & new with all the above advantages.

Application :- Use SUN COOL TERRACE COAT directly from the container. Stir contents well before use.- Apply two neat coats of SUN COOL TERRACE COAT without dilution by brush or roller at a time interval of 5-6 hours.- For enhanced protection, apply additional coat of SUN COOL TERRACE COAT on rain lashing walls, chajjas and parapet walls.- Allow the coated surface to air cure fully for 7 days.
Precautions & Limitations :- Recommended to be primed with SUN COOL TERRACE COAT Prime only.- Do not apply when ambient temperature is below 10 C or above 45 C.- Do not apply in direct sunlight or during rains.
COVERAGE :3.0 to 3.5 m per litre for 2 coats.Coverage may very depending upon the texture and porosity of the surface.
PACKING : 5 kg / 20 kg
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